All About Halodrol

Halodrol – Its History and Evolution

When it comes to prohormones and steroids, few are as discussed as widely as Halodrol-50. This dietary supplement which was found to contain an anabolic steroid was released by Gaspari Nutrition, and was rapidly followed with copy-cat clones like H-Drol. It was considered a fairly mild steroid in terms of side effects, as it contained the prohormones 4-Chloro (which prevented conversion to estrogen and DHT).

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The History

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The original Halodrol-50 was one of the most successful supplements in the industry. Not long after Halodrol-50 was released, however, something of a controversy arose around allegations of unreported ingredients. Apparently, Halodrol-50 contained 25mg of Madol (a.k.a. Pheraplex) – an addition that made the compound stronger, but also increased the potential for more side effects.

As Madol is widely known to convert to estrogen, and had received many reports of hair loss, no one knows why Gaspari Nutrition did not include it on the label. Many assume that the addition was an inexpensive way to increase the potency of Halodrol-50.

How it Works

Anabolic steroids – including Halodrol-50 – are synthetically created testosterone. This synthetic hormone causes accelerated growth of the muscles, bones, and red blood cells. Initially, many of these drugs were created for medical purposes; however, many bodybuilders soon discovered that they allowed for rapid muscle growth with minimal effort.

The Side Effects

Compared to many other steroids and prohormones on the market, Halodrol-50 has relatively few side effects; however, there are some aspects that still need to be considered.

Because Halodrol-50 is a synthetic version of testosterone, the body responds to the drug by decreasing production of natural testosterone. When you stop taking the steroid, there may be a delay before your body picks up testosterone production again. Unfortunately, there is also the possibility that natural testosterone production could cease altogether.

In addition, much of the weight gained with Halodrol 50 tends to be low-quality water weight. Rather than building actual muscle, you gain “cellular water”, so while you may put on 20lbs and look great initially, once you finish the cycle you will likely lose 75 percent of the weight gained. You’ll have to decide if this is a smart way to build a good physique.

Is it Legal?

Halodrol-50 contains anabolic steroids. In 1991, all androgenic anabolic steroids were placed in a category of controlled drugs by Congress, and the use of such drugs without a doctor’s prescription is punishable by fines and/or jail time.

Is it Available Today?

The original Halodrol-50 is no longer available in the United States. Besides the legal ban on anabolic steroids and prohormones without a precription, Halodrol-50 was not approved by the FDA. There are, however, new versions and alternatives that have been created by Gaspari.

Halodrol Liquigels, for example, is a legal supplement that is neither a prohormone or anabolic steroid. Its side effects are minimal, and some say that a healthy man can take this supplement safely. Another example, Halodrol MT is an evolved version of the original Halodrol-50. I’ve seen it written that this drug has also been received well and has not seen too many complaints. However, see in the resources below links to the FDA site and the other US Government site which shows that these supplements are also not approved.

Is it Recommended?

As with any supplement, it’s wise to discuss it with your doctor. There are always cautions and concerns, and only you and your doctor will be able to determine whether or not these supplements would work safely for you.

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      I deleted the website you quoted, I’m not looking to start trouble talking about other people’s sites. I went over there, and if you take the click to purchase the Halodrol, on the sale’s page he sells there substitutes for Halodrol. Anyway, I stick to what I wrote, to the best of my knowledge Halodrol is not available, at least in the US.