Bodybuilding Diet

The Elements of a Great Bodybuilding Diet

Whether you are new to weightlifting or you’re a veteran bodybuilder, diet is the cornerstone of an effective bodybuilding program. If you want to pack on pure muscle mass, exercise alone won’t get you the physique you’re after.

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Bodybuilding Diet

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After all, the body can only work with what you give it. Without the fuel to burn, and the nutrients and proteins necessary for building muscle, the body doesn’t have the necessary elements for growth.

Now, there are myriad bodybuilding diets out there, and each trainer and weightlifter will swear by certain foods or diet plans. A few elements, however, are a vital part of every bodybuilding diet.

Drinking Water

When you think about a diet for muscle development, the first thing that probably comes to mind is protein. Water, however, should be one of the foremost elements of your bodybuilding diet plan. Nearly every part of your body contains water – from your muscles and ligaments, to your organs and blood, around 70 percent of your body is made up of H2O.

When you’re building muscle, you should drink up to 10 liters of water each day to keep your body in its most anabolic state. And as a plus, a well hydrated body means full, good-looking muscles.

Lean Red Meat

While many red meats contain a high level of saturated fats, they do also provide a rich source of protein, iron, B vitamins, and zinc. Red meat is also great for building mass because of its high calorie count.

While you should avoid fatty cuts, lean red meat is a great addition to your meal plan. Incorporate this element a couple times a week.

Chicken and Turkey

These two meats are a staple on every bodybuilding diet. Chicken and turkey are both extremely lean meats, low in saturated and trans fats, yet bursting with high quality protein.

Chicken and turkey can be eaten regularly throughout your week – up to a couple meals per day – and are a very cheap, versatile protein source.


Though you will generally want to keep your diet low in fat, you need Omega-3 and other essential fatty acids for the body to repair and rebuild. Fish – particularly cold water fish like salmon, tuna and sardines – provide an excellent source of healthy fats.

Beans and Legumes


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While beans might seem like the food of skinny vegetarians, they are an incredible source of fiber and protein and should definitely be included on your menu. Fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet as it provides your body with a proper insulin response – a vital element in muscle growth.

Slow-Burning Carbs

Though a bodybuilding diet for men and for women is built on lots of protein, your body also needs carbohydrates as its fuel source. Slow-burning carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes provide a slow-release of energy as you work out. This is important, as if you don’t provide your body with fuel, the body will tap your muscles for a source of energy – and that’s certainly not what you want.

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