Medical Disclaimer

Medical Disclaimer

I prepared this site as a “researcher”. It is a topic which I find fascinating, a topic which is dear to me for several reasons, and a topic which seems to me fit to let others know of the outcome of my research. However:

I am not a doctor, nor any other kind of medical professional. I quote medical knowledge, the kinds of things which are mentioned all over the internet. However, they come from a layman, myself, someone who is not qualified nor authorized to give medical advice. It is difficult and unappealing to constantly express myself “some say” or “they advice”; it is hard to write that way, and it is unattractive to read. Therefore you will find many times in my articles that which seems like advice to take or not to take, to do or not to do.

You should relate to the content of this site taking the information for what it is, and evaluate it with your own medical professionals whether it is right for you. Allow my content to arouse your questions, not to supply you with the answers. Get your answers from your medical professionals.

In particular:, the author, yours truly the publisher, and everyone involved with our organization, are not liable or responsible for any increase in severity of your condition or for any health problem you may encounter should you take the advice or not take the advice written in this site without consulting with a medical professional. By choosing to use the information made available in this website, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the owner of the site and other agents involved with the publishing of this site, from all claims (whether valid or invalid), suits, judgement, proceedings, losses, damages, costs and expenses, of any nature whatsoever (including reasonable attorney’s fees) for which may become liable resulting from the use or misuse of any advice or products sold through the website.

Other Disclaimers:

I often use pictures on this site in order to make it more attractive, and in order to visually illuminate the subject of the text. The pictures were chosen from a collection from which I have permission to use, whose titles are, for example, “Bodybuilders” or “Muscles”, and so forth. This is because bodybuilders and individuals with big muscles (or that want big muscles) are typically the kind of people who are interested in prohormones, and as such they fittingly illustrate the subject of prohormones. However, no implication is intended that the men in the pictures or in the site header takes prohormones or any other supplements.

The images from Flicker were taken under the Creative Commons Generic license, and sometimes adapted.

This website does not sell prohormones. It is strictly an information site.