Weight Gain Supplements

All About Weight Gain Supplements

There are two primary reasons for taking weight gain supplements: putting on muscle weight and building body mass. Bodybuilders typically have the first of these goals in mind, and the second reason is more the realm of people who are suffering from serious disease, like for cancer patients, or the elderly who don’t have the appetite to consume their basic needs.

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Muscles not from Brussels

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You may be new to bodybuilding and are looking to put on muscle weight quickly; or you might be a veteran bodybuilder but still unsure of the best supplements. Either way, read on. We’re going to discuss the ins and outs of weight gain supplements, what works and what doesn’t, as well as what to avoid altogether.

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How to Gain Weight Quickly

Gaining weight isn’t too hard to do, but as a bodybuilder your goal is more specific than general weight-gain. That means you can’t just pack on pounds by eating a case of donuts. The weight you are looking for is lean muscle weight, and that requires a more scientific approach.

We discuss a bodybuilding diet in a separate article; however, in brief, to put on weight quickly you need to consume more calories than you burn each day. That means eating the right foods, and eating frequently – every two to three hours, to be exact. You’ll need lots of good proteins, as well as plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Of course, as you consume all those calories, you have to be burning enough so that you’re not putting on fat. As you’re trying to gain weight, you should be lifting weights about three times a week, focusing on exercises that will build muscle mass.

How Weight Gain Supplements Help

So, gaining weight is simply a matter of consuming more calories than you burn. When you’re lifting weights, however, you are burning a LOT of calories; so if you plan to build lean muscle mass, you’ll need to consume a large number of calories daily. This is where weight gain supplements come into play.

To put on serious weight, you’ll need to include supplements in your daily diet. Weight gain supplements provide a large number of calories in a small serving size, making it easier to gain weight. They round out a solid diet and training plan, providing the extra mass you’re looking for.

Pills vs. Powders

Running a search for “weight gain supplements” will turn out a LOT of options. The first difference you’ll probably notice, though, is that there are pills and there are powders.

While pills might seem like an easier option, you should generally be wary of any capsules or pills. They usually include testosterone which can cause a variety of side effects ranging from acne to prostate cancer.

Visual Impact Muscle Building

Other weight gain pills are packed with sugars for higher calorie content; however, these are not intended for body builders. These pills are generally prescribed by doctors for patients who are extremely underweight. Taking these supplements can cause high blood sugar, resulting in cardiac complications.

So, weight gain powders are definitely the way to go. These powder supplements provide a healthy mix of proteins and amino acids, which are needed to build and repair muscle. They come with plenty of carbohydrates, which provide energy for your workouts, while added fats help with weight gain. Weight gain powders will also often contain vitamins and whey, as well as soy and egg proteins – all of which are helpful for building lean muscle mass.

Making Weight Gain Supplements Work For You

It’s wise to talk to your doctor before you start taking any kind of supplements. A doctor can recommend the right product for your particular body and goals, and can point out risks connected to any health problems you might have.

Also be sure to follow the instructions on any product you choose, maintaining the correct dosage for your body and weight. And finally, it’s important to exercise daily in order to get the results you’re looking for. A half hour of cardio training each day will keep you from putting on fat and ensure that the weight you gain is muscle mass.

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